• Do you ship internationally? Yes! If your option doesn’t appear on checkout, email general@maudsdesigns.com. Everything is made and shipped from the UK.
  • How long will my order take to arrive? A standard order should only take 4-7 working days to arrive within the UK. It’s hard to be precise, as the majority of items are made to order. Please allow more time for international orders and bespoke items.
  • Is everything handmade? Every product we sell will have something about it that is handmade – therefore making it completely exclusive to MAUDS Designs and not purchasable anywhere else. For example, the t-shirts are not hand-sewn from scratch; we make designs and get them printed by a 3rd party. Although, some of our shirts have embellishments that will have been sewn by hand.
  • There’s a problem with my order! Do you offer refunds? Email general@maudsdesigns.com with your info and let’s sort it out for you.
  • Is this a womens’ clothing brand? Everything is unisex! Wear what you like; we make items for people – not genders.
  • How do I order a custom piece? Fill out our order form and we will get back to you with a quote.
  • How long will my custom order take to be made?  Custom orders will take significantly longer to make and arrive than others, but in the case of a custom order (for example, a painted denim jacket), regular written and photo updates will be provided as long as contact details are provided.
  • Do you have a PR list? We’re always looking for content creators for our blog and more. If you have something to offer, get in touch! Email general@maudsdesigns.com.
  • Our privacy policy can be found here.